C8 Bake Off 2017

The C8 schools have been competing in the annual C8 Bake Off!

Each school held 2 rounds before the ‘Showstopper round’ which was held at Kingsley Academy. Children in years 4,5 and 6 were invited to take part, entering their cupcakes in the first round of the competition. The cakes were judged on appearance and taste and a winner from each class was chosen. The class winners then went on to the next round, the technical challenge. Children were given a recipe to follow and instructed to independently bake a Victoria sponge or cheese scones. The children rose to the challenge and baked some delicious treats for the judges. It was an incredibly hard choice but eventually one child from each class was chosen to represent their school and went to Kingsley Academy to bake and present their show stopper cake.

The level of effort and skill was amazing and all the contestants did a fantastic job. The Head Teacher and Senior Vice Principle of Kingsley Academy had the difficult task of choosing an overall winner and although it was incredibly close (only half a mark between 1st and 2nd place) they decided that Saffron from Hounslow Town was the C8 Bake off Champion!

Congratulations Saffron and Hounslow Town Primary School!